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PDF2CHM 2012

Have you ever had the feeling that reading with PDF is not as convenient as CHM?
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16 July 2014

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This tool will let you convert PDF documents to CHM formats.

PDF2CHM tool is a solution for converting PDF documents into CHM documents. That will help reading the document directly starting at the topic you are interested in, rather than page flipping or even going by the bookmarks. This is a standalone program and works without the need of Acrobat tools. The conversion process does not affect the Text, Tables, Graphics and Layout any way. It supports PDF1.5 protocol. This is a batch processor and thus can save you from a lot of hassle with a bunch of files. The interface is quite intuitive and simple to use. No particular skill will be required of the user as long as he/she knows how to use the computer. The controls are well laid out and there is a lot help.

PDF2CHM builds your result CHM content tree by PDF bookmark and it converts vector graphics into image files. These images could be in any of four different image formats. The JPEG image format will let you specify the quality level of the output images. Hyperlinks are also preserved. There is a simple HTML editor built-in that will let you edit the HTML file generated quickly and easily. MS Office 201 ribbon style themes are supported and the program will work in both 32bit and 64 bit environments. It supports encrypted PDF files too. This is a good product, has useful features and could be handy in the areas mentioned above.

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Do you feel troubled just because you can not read your PDF files conveniently in Windows as what you can do about CHM ones?
Our PDF PDF2CHM is easy solution. With PDF2CHM, you can easy convert pages in PDF file to CHM file to read or publish. So you never worry about can't read your pdf files in a new condition.
1. Convert the specified topics in PDF file to CHM file.
2. Do not need Adobe software support.
3. Accurately preserves Text, Tables, Graphics and Layout.
4. Supports PDF1.5 protocol.
5. Drag and Drop supported to convert a PDF file to a CHM file.
6. PDF2CHM can build your result CHM content tree by PDF bookmark.
7. Conversion of vector graphics into image files.
8. Support 4 types of image format.
9. The quality of JPEG file can be customed.
10. Convert outer fonts into text and embedded fonts into images.
11. Support hyperlinks from PDF file to HTML file.
12. Support encrypted PDF file.
13. Microsoft Office 2010 style theme.14. Build-in simple HTML Editor to edit the HTML file directly.
PDF2CHM 2012
PDF2CHM 2012
Version 5.0
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